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Living in London hasn’t quite turned out how I expected. This is a city with so much to offer, but it seems to me that part of the nature of living here is an odd necessity: there is a sense of frenzied movement. Londoners must get where they’re going quickly. This is not quite “time is money”, but it’s something similar in that time is valuable. These days our jobs expect more from us and longer hours, adding to this a couple of hours commuting per day plus the inevitable chores, there is so little left for us, just us, that our time becomes so precious that a few seconds mean so much. This morning we were on the DLR and there were delays so we were encouraged to use an alternative route. Honestly, it was as if you’d just told people that London was about to enter the Second Blitz! There was a stampede to get off the train and people stalked along, muttering and grumbling (us included!) as if the minute or two we would lose would utterly destroy us. I wish that more of us took the time to spend a few minutes, even a few seconds, to stop for a moment and pause for thought – whether it’s taking a moment or two as we walk through a park to look at the grass, or a few seconds to admire a blossom on a tree wending its way through the concrete on a pavement, or even just taking a step back and looking at the faces of the other commuters and recognising their humanity too. I’m going to try; will you?