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Yesterday was my first day back at work after the Christmas break and I went to bed full of Positive Thoughts and Good Intentions. Yes, I was going to embrace London, embrace my job, while still finding time for the real me.

I awoke to howling wind (literally at 5 floors up as it whistled around the windows) and smatterings of rain. No worries! I cried, it shall be an invigorating walk to the station!

And so it would have been. I was certainly keeping my chin up on my way to the station, watching the waves on the usually glass-still waters of the dock and enjoying the coziness of my new duffle coat (why did nobody tell me how wonderful and necessary a duffle coat is to life in England?). I watched the birds wheeling against gusts of air or crouching on the jetty with feathers ruffled and was really enjoying myself until nearly fifteen minutes later when I was almost at the station and I realised that I had left my work laptop at home and would have to go back and fetch it. After trudging back home, up the stairs and back down, and then along the dock (head bowed into the wind this time), I found myself 45 minutes later sweating, struggling with my heavy backpack, leaning at an odd angle on a train which had paused for thought for some unknown reason….

In all my optimism I had forgotten one thing – the commute to work!