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Christmas and New Year are now over and the reality of 2012 is here. It may be mid-Winter and rather chilly outside, but the sky is blue, blue, blue and I can’t help but feel cheerful and bright myself.

So what does this mean for New Year’s Resolutions? I have the usual vague ideas about eating more healthily and getting fit, and all those things that really don’t matter that much. One of the things my parents said to me all the time while I was growing up, was “We just want you to be happy”. And so I think I am going to try to make this rather amorphous statement my New Year’s Resolution – to be happy. Part of this resolution began when I started this blog – for to write is what I have always wanted to do and always done, in a very scared, fragile, private sort of way. So I thought that writing about my move to London would force me into committing to my writing regularly – as well as diarise this life, so far from what I know in my deepest self. So here I am, being happy, fingers tapping the keys and gazing out at two swans floating gently in reflected sky and families walking dogs around the water’s edge.

Perhaps I am not so far from home, right here.